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Whether you have some big contracts ahead, you’re expanding your company’s capabilities, or you’ve decided to put in that new pond and patio, chances are that you need extra power — without a heavy price tag. But do you rent or buy? Here are a few of the key reasons renting equipment can be a smart move for your business or backyard project.

Reason 1: You’re a large company
Renting can save you significant cash over buying new. If you’re a large company with your own fleet, you’ll probably need more specialized equipment from time to time. And those specialties you only use now and then can put a financial strain on your resources to maintain and store. Rent them as needed, and you can get the job done and maximize your profits.

Reason 2: You’re a small company
Renting makes even more sense for small companies and individuals. The cost of buying equipment may exceed your budget. And you might only need it for a few days to complete your project. Renting doesn’t require major upfront costs, plus it saves you money in maintenance and repairs.

Reason 3: Convenience, convenience, convenience
Ownership expenses such as transportation, storage, and maintenance can put a sizeable dent in your budget and profitability. But renting provides a budget-friendly alternative for managing these costs. Although maintenance and repairs are still important for rentals, the time and labor costs are much cheaper than long-term maintenance plans for owned equipment. Southeastern will pick up and deliver your equipment on demand, which means you can wave goodbye to the cost of transportation and storage. You’ll also have the backing of a full-service staff, within in-shop and field service, in the event of unforeseen breakdowns.

Reason 4: Try before you buy
If you choose to rent, you’re not tied down to a specific piece of equipment. Whether you’re a builder, construction professional, or DIY enthusiast, you can rent the latest and greatest models of whatever you need. Plus the technology on new models just keeps getting better — which helps you get the job done better. If you decide down the road you want to add the machine to your fleet, your rental investment can often be applied to the purchase.

Reason 5: Save at tax time
Rental costs are often immediately deductible as business expenses. Purchases on the other hand often need to be depreciated over the life of the equipment.



When you’re ready to explore a rental option for your upcoming project, the next choice is what dealer to go with. Southeastern can get you the right equipment for the job when you need it, delivered on time at your site. We’re proud to be an authorized dealer for Case Construction, Kobelco, Bomag and many other quality lines. Our dedicated Rental Team will help you find an affordable and flexible solution to see you through your toughest job.