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Southeastern Line Of Credit

Complete and submit a credit application for an open line of credit with Southeastern. This option is a great way to establish a dedicated line of credit for all your purchases. Once approved, many customers use the credit line for their ongoing daily purchases and pay their invoices monthly. It’s a quick, convenient way to keep your business on the move!

CNH Productivity Plus Account

Maximize your purchasing power with a Productivity Plus Card from CNH Industrial Capital. With a Productivity Plus Account, it’s easy to track your business expenses and stay on top of spending. Plus it offers plenty of cardholder benefits:

  • No annual fee
  • Flexibility that works with your cash flow: Pay in full each month with no interest or make minimum monthly payments
  • Easy-to-read itemized statements
  • Zero liability for unauthorized charges
  • Online account management anytime, anywhere
  • Special offers throughout the year

Subject to terms and conditions.

Register today for a CNH Productivity Plus Account and bring the application to your Southeastern sales representative.

Third Party Financing

Talk to our in-house finance team through your Southeastern sales or parts representative to get competitive and focused financing tailored to your business needs. Southeastern can help you structure:

  • Balloon payments
  • Varying loan term lengths
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Early payoffs

Subject to availability.

Equipment Leasing

Preserve your cash flow and margins with a lease. Southeastern can arrange short and long-term leases of equipment with competitive rates. Leasing typically offers the lowest payment option, no down payments, a fixed cost over the term of the lease, and access to modern equipment.

Lower payments

Lease payments cover only a portion of the equipment value to be depleted during the lease term, often resulting in lower payments compared to loan payments. Because you only pay for the use of the equipment, you can free up cash for other purposes in your business. Plus you gain the advantage of working with the latest and greatest machines.

Less tax

With leases, you can typically deduct your full lease payment as an operating expense, rather than depreciating the asset. Leases can provide many other tax advantages, such as accelerated write-offs. Consult your CPA or tax advisor for specific tax benefits leasing can provide for your business.


All leases have end-of-purchase options listed on the agreement. You may choose to renew your lease, purchase your leased equipment, or return your leased equipment and lease new equipment. With all leases, you are responsible for making the lease payment and all applicable operating costs such as maintenance, sales and property taxes, license, registration, and insurance. In addition, if hour limits apply, you will be responsible for any excess usage charges beyond the agreed upon hour limits.


There are many ways to structure your lease to best fit your business and cash-flow needs.

  • An Operating Lease bundles all your costs (equipment use, maintenance, extended warranty, and insurance) into one convenient monthly payment. Operating leases are a great option if you like to continually update or replace equipment, want low fixed payments, and are interested in off-balance sheet treatments.
  • A Finance Lease is a full-payout lease with a nominal lease-end purchase option. Finance leases are a good choice if you want the benefit of ownership and a low-cost purchase option at lease end.
  • A Municipal Lease is a tax-exempt lease purchase contract used by state, provinces, and local governments for more financial flexibility and efficient cash management. Municipal leases offer competitive rates, flexible payment structures ($1 buyout leases), and tax write-offs.
  • A Step-down Lease gives you the opportunity to “try” our equipment. Your lease is set up as a full-term lease with the option to walk away, purchase, or continue leasing at predetermined periods throughout the lease. Your monthly payments “step down” after these pre-determined periods.


Equipment leasing is an excellent way to reduce costs, improve cash flow, avoid equipment obsolescence, free up capital, and gain tax advantages. Whether you plan to purchase, renew, or return your equipment at the end of the lease term, there’s a leasing option to fit your business.

Insurance and Warranty

When leasing or renting equipment, you are responsible for any damage that occurs during the agreement period. Most brands of equipment leased or rented through Southeastern are eligible for Loss Damage Waiver, which help protect equipment against most causes of direct loss or damage during the period of the agreement. Covered perils include, but are not limited to, collision, overturns, earthquake, theft, fire, tornado, flood, vandalism, hail, and wind. NOTE: Ingestion of foreign objects is not a covered peril with rental equipment. Loss Damage Waiver does not cover personal injuries resulting from the machine. It only covers the machine itself.