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What is Telematics?

Equipment manufacturers are installing telematics systems as standard equipment on an increasing number of their product offerings each year. And for good reason. Telematics systems combine GPS technology, on-board diagnostics, and monitoring sensors to track, log, and report vital information on the performance and operation of your machines. Telematics data can show you everything from the location of your machines to fuel consumption, idle times, machine alerts, driver behavior, and more.

Solutions available for*:

  • Skid steers and CTLs
  • Mini and full size excavators
  • Wheel loaders
  • Backhoes
  • Rollers
  • Dozers

Contact us today to find out how to bring telematics to your job site.
*Available on select new and used machines. Ask your representative for details. 

How Telematics helps on the job site

How exactly does telematics help you with your job site? Read below to find out how:

Telematics provides real-time analytics to make it easy for you to track, measure, and manage engine idle time, fuel levels, and machine performance throughout the workday. It allows you to address inefficiencies and cut down on operating costs. 

Accurate tracking of machine usage and performance is key to reliable forecasting and bids. SiteWatch makes it simple to get a detailed picture of your fleet’s capabilities and minimizes manual data entry so you can allocate your resources more effectively. 

Protect your fleet with features such as machine curfew, geofencing, and motion detection, even when the machine is turned off. Rest easy knowing that if unauthorized usage or movement occurs, the system can aid in tracking and recovery. 

Stay a step ahead of machine maintenance with predictive maintenance that tracks the specifics of your unique machine usage. Track maintenance history, set automatic alerts, and have reminders sent via email to you and your dealer. 

Have up-to-the-minute spreadsheets at the ready and customize the information received to meet your needs. Plus, the SiteWatch API enables you to aggregate data from several telematics systems into a single database for simple, mixed-fleet reporting. 

With SiteWatch, Southeastern monitors your fleet by receiving equipment alerts. This enables us to help diagnose issues remotely, minimize service response time, pinpoint part needs, and give you some extra backup to oversee your operation. 

Get the most from your fleet and offset rental costs by identifying under- or over-used machines. Improve job assignment effectiveness and make informed adjustments of equipment or crew as needed. 

CASE’s SiteWatch provides connection to the equipment no matter its location on the globe. With remote operation, alarm notifications are transmitted in real time, and the machine’s location and all other operating data occur periodically. 

Check your telematic software on a PC, tablet, or smartphone so you have your important information with you wherever you go. *Internet connection required. 


What is Machine Control?

Case has partnered with Leica Geosystems to create tailor-made hardware and software solutions for all positioning and measuring tasks in road and general construction. Available in 1D, 2D, or 3D packages, this software utilizes lasers and satellite technology to enable reliable and repeatable precision work.* 

With a small financial investment, this software (named SiteControl) provides many advantages that continue to pay back job site after job site. Read on for some great reasons to love machine control. 

  • SAVES MONEY. Machine control prevents rework, over-digging, undercutting, lost time, and wasted fuel. And getting the job done right the first time means that your machines stay newer for longer, so you can save money on maintenance costs. 
  • INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY. Laser and GPS-guided cuts provide improved performance even for the most seasoned operators. 
  • MORE ACCURATE JOB COSTING. Machine control technology allows contractors to more accurately estimate the specific amount of time, materials, and personnel needed for a job site. 
  • GREATER UTILIZATION AND FLEXIBILITY. SiteControl allows contractors to more intelligently plan equipment usage around the job site. Expand current machines capabilities and use them in other applications. 
  • REAL TIME JOB SITE INFORMATION. From a single model of the job site, contractors can work in sync with each other. With greater data integration, contractors can be sure that they are working on current specs. 
  • SCALABLE AS YOU GROW. Invest in the solution you need today and expand when you need it. Purchase a simple 1D system and add extra components to evolve to a 2D or 3D system. 

Machine Control Solutions for Me

SiteControl comes in several packages for different applications. Read below to find out which one is right for you. 


  • PURPOSE: Digging in a one direction slope
  • COMMONLY USED APPLICATIONS: Used for bases, foundations, pipelaying, underwater digging, grading, etc. 
  • GREAT FOR: Small projects 


  • PURPOSE: Digging on two slopes 
  • COMMONLY USED APPLICATIONS: Road excavation jobs, drainage work, or parking lot excavations 
  • GREAT FOR: Small to medium size projects 


  • PURPOSE: Monitoring a digital model of the job site 
  • COMMONLY USED APPLICATIONS: Large road/infrastructure projects and industrial sites 
  • GREAT FOR: Large projects 

*Different parts and pieces are required to create the 1D, 2D, and 3D packages. Speak with your local Southeastern branch for more information.