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On A Mission: Groundbreaking Service Is Job #1 For Vicki Engles

Communicator. Listener. Problem-solver. Multi-tasker. These are just a few of the hats Vicki Engles wears every day as the administrative assistant for the Cambridge Branch. Often called the “face of the front office,” she’s the welcoming voice customers hear when they call Southeastern. From fielding questions and emails to helping out with schedules and DOPs, Vicki is dedicated to ensuring things run smoothly so each and every customer has a great experience.

“It definitely keeps me hopping,” she laughed as she juggled numerous calls in between talking about her role. “Putting customers first is a priority.”

Vicki is no stranger to being on the front lines. In fact, she thrives on it. She worked in the banking industry and was a manager in the foodservice industry before joining Southeastern seventeen years ago. Her passion for interacting with the people made the position with Southeastern a perfect fit.

“The best part is getting to work with customers and our team,” she said. “No two days are the same, and that’s what keeps things interesting.”

Of course, working in a service industry isn’t always a walk in the park — some days can be downright difficult. So, what’s her secret for staying on top of her game?

“Always smile,” she said. “I even smile when I answer the phone. People can feel it when you’re smiling.”

And her team agrees.

“Vicki is in a different class,” says John Mihalik, operations manager at Cambridge. “She’s not afraid to step in when she’s needed. She communicates and solves problems regardless of the department in need — it’s real teamwork. She’s built such great relationships that customers will stop and talk to her first before anyone else.”

Vicki’s genuine care and concern for others demonstrate her commitment to the values that define our company: Helpful, Thoughtful, Capable, and Loyal. As one nominator wrote, Vicki is a wonderful person with a wonderful personality that resonates with every call she takes and every customer she comes in contact with.

“Vicki is the silent quarterback of our team,” adds Mickey Gourley, president of Southeastern. “She’s often the first interaction that a customer has with us, and it’s always a top-notch interaction.”

For Vicki, winning the 2021 MVP award is a reminder that Southeastern is much more than a family-owned business. It’s a family.

“We’re with each other all day, sometimes more than we’re with our own families,” she noted. “We laugh together and get things done together. Just being nominated for this award makes everything I do — and everything we do as a team — worth it.”