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Buy Or Lease Your Dream Machine

Make your dreams a reality. We're offering aggressive deals to get you in the cab this summer. Trade-in a construction machine and get top dollar value, plus get special financing with these great rates:
  • Finance:
    • Purchase for 0% for 48 months. Expires June 30.
  • Lease: We have several SK35, SK170, or SK210 machines ready to go home with you today. Leases start at the below pricing with a term of 60 months. Rates expire May 31.
    • $913.56/mo for a SK35, coupler, and 24" bucket
    • $2,701.75/mo for a SK170, coupler, and 42" bucket
    • $2,970.74/mo for a SK210, coupler, and 48" bucket


Trade-In Value:

Southeastern and Kobelco are offering top dollar for construction equipment trade-ins. Value and amount to be determined by machine condition. Offer expires August 31.


This promotion does not constitute an offer. Financing available on new equipment from participating Southeastern branch’s in-stock inventory. Not all in-stock units qualify. Offer is available to qualified purchasers and is subject to credit approval. Leased equipment does not apply. Promotional pricing may not be available at all branches and is only valid where Southeastern has vendor-approved territory.

To qualify for this promotion, equipment must be quoted and purchased on or before June 30, 2024 at 5:00 PM Eastern. See your local branch for terms and conditions. Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice, and some exclusions may apply. See your local branch for details.


This lease does not constitute an offer. Each lease includes a coupler and bucket. Bucket size varies by model. Promotion and rates expire on May 31, 2024. Leasing is available on SK35, SK170, and SK210 only. All leases assume 1,000 hours per year. Not all units qualify – only units with less than 100 hours are eligible.

Customers that work in heavy-duty fields like demolition, scrap, recycling, and forestry are not eligible. Specialty units like the Demolition, or Long Arm, do not qualify.

Payments do not include tax. All quotes are subject to credit review and approval. Not all customers may qualify. Southeastern reserves to right to change or cancel this promotion at any time. Please see your location branch for details.

Kobelco Excavators

Model SK17SR-5E
Horsepower (Gross) 15
Operating Weight 3,836 Lb
Dig Depth 7' 7"
Model SK25SR-6E
Horsepower (Gross) 20
Operating Weight 5,930 Lb
Dig Depth 9' 2"
Model SK30SR-6E
Horsepower (Gross) 23
Operating Weight 7,670 Lb
Dig Depth 9' 3"
Model SK35SR-6E
Horsepower (Gross) 23
Operating Weight 8,555 Lb
Dig Depth 10'
Model SK45SRX-6E
Horsepower (Gross) 37
Operating Weight 10,300 Lb
Dig Depth 11' 3"
Model SK55SRX-6E
Horsepower (Gross) 37
Operating Weight 10,300 Lb
Dig Depth 12' 10"
Model SK75SR-7
Horsepower (Gross) 55
Operating Weight 17,100 Lb
Dig Depth 15'
Model SK85CS-7
Horsepower (Gross) 55
Operating Weight 18,700 Lb
Dig Depth 14' 8"
Model SK140SRLC-7
Horsepower (Gross) 95
Operating Weight 31,500 Lb
Dig Depth 19' 7"
Model ED160-5
Horsepower (Gross) 95
Operating Weight 36,200 Lb
Dig Depth 19' 1"
Model SK170LC-11
Horsepower (Gross) 127
Operating Weight 38,800 Lb
Dig Depth 21' 3"
Model SK210LC-11
Horsepower (Gross) 166
Operating Weight 49,400 Lb
Dig Depth 22'
SK210LC-11 LR
Model SK210LC-11 LR
Horsepower (Gross) 160
Operating Weight 52,200 Lb
Dig Depth 39' 9"
Model SK230SRLC-5
Horsepower (Gross) 160
Operating Weight 56,400 Lb
Dig Depth 21' 7"
SK260LC-10 LR
Model SK260LC-10 LR
Horsepower (Gross) 178
Operating Weight 62,000 Lb
Dig Depth 48' 4"
Model SK270SRLC-5
Horsepower (Gross) 160
Operating Weight 60,000 Lb
Dig Depth 21' 9"
Model SK300LC-10
Horsepower (Gross) 252
Operating Weight 68,100 Lb
Dig Depth 23' 7"
SK300LC-11 LR
Model SK300LC-11 LR
Horsepower (Gross) 252
Operating Weight 77,473 Lb
Dig Depth 48' 10"
Model SK350LC-11
Horsepower (Gross) 270
Operating Weight 81,800 Lb
Dig Depth 24' 10"
Model SK390LC-10
Horsepower (Gross) 270
Operating Weight 83,600 Lb
Dig Depth 23.08'
Model SK500LC-11
Horsepower (Gross) 369
Operating Weight 114,000 Lb
Dig Depth 25' 7"
Model SK850LC-10
Horsepower (Gross) 510
Operating Weight 181,440 Lb
Dig Depth 31' 10"