Six Backhoe Preventive Maintenance Best Practices

A little preventive maintenance goes a long way in keeping your backhoe operating at its most productive. Here are six best practices on backhoe maintenance.

1. Daily

The easiest and most effective way to prevent repairs is to conduct a daily check of any machine. Each morning, look for leaks, worn hoses, and belts, and focus on the loader arm to make sure there’s no excessive wear and tear. At the end of the day clean off excess dirt and debris to prevent it from causing any type of deterioration on the machine.

2. Plenty of Fluids

Like your own body, your backhoe needs liquids to run properly—coolant, oil, and hydraulic fluids. Be sure to check your machines at least weekly to keep them at their recommended levels. Low fluids can wreak havoc on a machine.

3. Backhoes need air, too

Inspect the air filters at least as often as the manufacturer recommends, if not more frequently. They can easily be clogged by dirt and debris, leading to malfunctions and other complications.

4. Grease Works Wonders

Your backhoe’s moving parts can’t move properly without regular greasing. Check all hinges, joints and other moving parts weekly or at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals. If any area needs grease, add some. Grease reduces friction in order to minimize wear during use.

5. About Hoses

Hoses are often overlooked, but they are an essential part of your machine and can be vulnerable to damage. Inspect them weekly to make sure there are no leaks, holes, and that they’re securely attached.

6. Know Who to Call

Call Southeastern Equipment if your machine needs emergency repairs or routine maintenance at 800-798-5438.