Try before you buy

Renting is an easy, commitment free way to test drive a piece of construction equipment you aren’t sure about purchasing. It’s also a great way to see if a machine meets your requirements for power, productivity, and fuel efficiency. 

If you intend to own a piece of construction equipment but lack the upfront capital to purchase it immediately, Southeastern also offers rent-to-own options that provide a convenient way to expand your fleet on your schedule.

Rent and use on demand

Southeastern Equipment is flexible in their scheduling and have daily, weekly, or monthly rental rates, making it easy to avoid paying for construction equipment rentals during downtime or between projects. Jobsite delivery and pickup is available for added convenience.

Accommodate short term or specialized projects

If you need a specialized piece of construction equipment for a one time or short term job, renting is probably your best bet. Instead of buying a versatile machine that could handle many different types of jobs, renting allows you to use the specific type or size of equipment that would best fit the job.

Take advantage of the latest features

Technology is constantly advancing and keeping up with the latest gadgets and features would be prohibitively expensive. Rather than replacing your construction equipment every time a new model is introduced, renting gives you access to the latest benefits without the long-term financial commitment of owning.